Monday, September 28, 2009

wa lau. i'm damn pissed. there was once i went to the library. cause i lost my ezlink, borrowed books with my CB 'buddy' fark off. using her card. CB. we didnt return the books on time. fark off la. we borrow tgt return tgt la. she go return her books herself never tell me. CB.then i return late. sua. got fine lor. i okay one. then just now texted me saying : hey. when YOU wanna return YOUR library fines. CB. mine la. hor. borrow tgt you selfish never inform me then got fine text me. nvm. she say: the fine's $6.30. i cant borrow book already. bull shit la. my fine's 14++ still can borrow. nvm. wa lan! $6.30 nia sia. say until like i dun wanna pay her liddat. CB. i damn pissed. i replied: i transfer you. wa lan. just damn lame la. scared i run meah? you earn $2000 per month doing shit job wanna GEH GAO $6.30 with a intern shame on you! LOL. like seriously. you cannot pay first then collect money from me meah? i hate to quarrel with people over small things especially small money. eh. you owe me 50CENTS the other time. FARK OFF LA!!!

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