Monday, May 3, 2010

1:09 as KP as usual. looking at that makes my blood boils and changes my mood.

Monday, April 26, 2010

i'm gonna cut this again!

freaking bored at home. thinking through alot of things.

decided to let it be.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

there're people in EVD that i really wish to rememer and keep in touch with after graduation. grace! saranghae. you're great. melissa. saranghae. sheryl. hai. if you dont scold #$@&^% so much i'll love you as much. i will miss lydia too. saranghae. and the 6 of us of course. shihui ngiam hsh jiejie edison. haha. we care, we share for the future we prepare! jason ar. harryn ar. sean ar. leonard ar. saranghae.:DD

and at then mean time there're people whom i really hope i will never ever contact and even meet again. you should know who you are. and yes. its you.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

recap - i hate to wait ,Saturday, July 25, 2009, 9:17:00 PM

i've already set my mind on how to make myself happy.
i've always made other peoples problem seems like mine. and i think thats really god damn stupid of me to do that.
but alright. lets put it to an end. past.
now i'll only care for those who need me and those whom i really care for.
i start to hate school as much as loving school. everything everyone.
i'm very glad to have known some people but i'd like to name some who i really care.

first. my BFF- seanny sean sean.
at first i said he's my BFF just for fun. but over time i really think he is. and i'll also be a good BFF for him:D

second. my old friend- sister ngiam.
hahaha. i think thats more than words. i believe that we're 2 aunties. seriously. going to the market to grab many many bargains. till 50. maybe we'll be sitting by the beach like we used to watching our kids play.

then my bestfriend- LEO
at first when i saw him or knew him i really really hate him. but over time i get to know him better and understand him. though i think sometimes he's not talking sense. but. he's one that will listen to me and for me thas enough.

forth up. my new friend- jason lau kim leong
i might not know him that well or might not even have much common interest. but i know he's a good guy and a nice friend. so, i'll try and be your nice friend jason:D

fifth. my lost friend- prissy.
one that stays near me and was the past me. hack care. i think she has a nice heart. to me she was there, will be here and will be there. love you prissy:D

i have many many many friends in my 3 years life.

some changed me. some made me a fighter. some always and only see me cry. some didnt get to know me well enough to comment. some just like to laugh at me. some has weird voice. some like super junior. some didnt/ hate them. some only tapped in and out of studio. some love to jog around school. some love KFC. some cannot live without bubbletea. some are great fan of xerox. some will find hassan for the whole day. some are staring at their laptop the whole day. some print and print and print. some love to take photo of themselves. some only snap themselves. some love to webcam. some sing out loud. some need to go to the toilet every now and then. some love the bookshop. some have maggie mee for every meal. some need to go home early. some love to stay out late.
whatever or whoever you're. no matter what flaws you have, be it good or bad. i'm very happy to have all of you here with me. being through all these together. and no matter what you'll always be a part of me.

hahah. okay dont be so emo.


and tomorrow will be a better day.
love ivy:D

Monday, November 16, 2009



Many people don't know what to say, right?
I'm upset, we are really working very hard.
We're trying our best but there are always many people speaking ill of us.
Really, we're always working hard. I'm really upset.
You won't understand how hurt those criticisms make me.
Few days ago, I hurt my leg as we were performing 'U'.
At the hospital I was told that I need to have surgery, and there would be consequences due to surgery.
But I wanted to be with the members so I got a cast.
People who don't know about this always speaking ill of us. I'm mad.
And I hoped I could go on current programs with other members since it's not for a long time.
Our boys are really working harder today then ever before...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009